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I have been looking for a community for bobby and rogue but there was none to be found so i have created this one so you can put all your fanfics, icons, wallpapers and such.

I'm not adversed to any anti-kitty stuff either but thats just personal prefenance and should contain a warning

Firstly a few guidelines-
- no anti-bobby/rogue stuff (this includes fics where she runs off with our favourite cajun!)
- i'm all for anti- kitty or anti- remy stuff but put a warning so people know.(believe it or not kitty has fans! i know i was as shocked as you;) lol. )
-feel free to discuss the comics - i mean iceman flirting with rogue's mother! jeez..
-feel free to discuss the movies and speculation on the prospect of more as long as bobby/ rogue is the main jist of the speculation.
- Attacking the actors based on anything other than their acting is not justified and will not be tolerated. The same goes for the film makers.
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